Anavia Stainless Steel Cylindrical Bottle + Engraved Dog Palm Peach Heart Can Open Large Capacity Waterproof

0.4 lb
SKU: BA014632
  • The memorial necklace is made of high quality surgical grade stainless steel. [Guaranteed to not rust, tarnish, or oxidize.]
  • Always keep your loved ones close to your heart with our  memorial necklace. 
  • Pendant size is 0.4″x1″
  • White K Stainless Steel Detachable Pendant Keychain Accessories-1 Set
  • Designed with a small compartment that can be fill small amounts of human ashes, pet ashes, hair, fur, or dried flowers.
  • Includes a free funnel kit and velvet jewelry box.
Processing time: 24-48 hours (business day, non-holiday).